Werner IT

Werner IT is a privately owned Dutch company owned and operated by Werner Altewischer targetted at advice for and the implementation of mostly Java server side applications and iPhone client applications or a combination of those two.

Because the expertise in both client side and server side technology I am capable of implementing the whole technology stack for a full-fledged iPhone application. I work together with designers and interaction designers to accomplish full outsourcing. However it is also possible to hire me for sub-contracting to accomplish parts of a project.

Examples of iPhone/iPad products I worked on in the past are:

  • EveryTrail (www.everytrail.com) and various related apps such as the Bike Computer, Ski Computer, etc.
  • Greetz (www.greetz.nl)
  • Salesboard (www.salesboard.biz)
  • KLM (www.klm.com), mostly internal iPhone and iPad applications and contributions to the publicly available iPhone app.
Besides iOS projects I also worked on large scale Java server side projects such as:
  • UserXS, entitlement system of Markit (www.markit.com)
  • Impressie publisher, a proprietary CMS (www.impressie.nl)
  • BehindTheFrontDoor, a popularity platform (in progress, www.behindthefrontdoor.com)
For more details about past work please take a look at the Curriculum Vitae.
Please contact me for work offers in the contact section.



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